28 Nov 2016

Selfsgiving If you have not seen the “Selfsgiving” video yet, please take a moment to watch: I watched the entire 2-minute faux-documentary production and experienced a range of emotions throughout.   The lighthearted, cleverly titled video suggests […]

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Back in Business: Oceanfront Views & News
10 Nov 2016

Back in Business: Oceanfront Views & News Beach towns all along the east coast of Florida felt the effects of Hurricane Mathew and The Salty Mermaid Oceanfront Hotel was no different.  Luckily the damage at the hotel […]

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There’s No Wining about This Walk: Monthly Wine Walk Event NSB
12 Sep 2016

The Salty Mermaid’s doors are always open on the weekend to take a tour of one of our five luxury oceanfront rooms, grab a glass of complimentary vino in the office, and sit out back to enjoy […]

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New Smyrna beach life
7 Jul 2016

– New Smyrna Beach Life – I spend a lot of time at the beach and have always believed the ocean water has healing powers. Or maybe it’s the beach itself.  Whenever I cross the South Causeway […]

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