New Smyrna beach life
7 Jul 2016

Ocean front entrance

– New Smyrna Beach Life –

I spend a lot of time at the beach and have always believed the ocean water has healing powers.
Or maybe it’s the beach itself.  Whenever I cross the South Causeway bridge heading into New Smyrna Beach, Florida I involuntarily let out a big sigh, and think, “I’m home.”  Even though New Smyrna has only recently become my home, I have been a visitor to the world’s most beautiful beach my entire life.  And what continues to impress me is that the local charm, small town feel, and integrity of the island have remained the same. But it still keeps up with the times in small ways that count.  Gourmet coffee shops, luxury boutique hotels, organic restaurants and tree house bars!  For a girl who moved back from the city, New Smyrna Beach still has a lot to offer. Not only are there  events going on every week, I love that you can rent a Vespa scooter and ride up and down Flagler Ave.  Or decide last minute to book a luxury oceanfront room at the newly renovated Salty Mermaid Inn.  And it’s easy for my friends and family living in Orlando to drive over anytime for a beach day...maybe a little too easy!  I don’t take a single day for granted here, it sure is nice to finally feel at home.

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