Back in Business: Oceanfront Views & News
10 Nov 2016


Back in Business: Oceanfront Views & News

Beach towns all along the east coast of Florida felt the effects of Hurricane Mathew and The Salty Mermaid Oceanfront Hotel was no different.  Luckily the damage at the hotel and around New Smyrna Beach was minor.  We certainly got very lucky!  I was so impressed with how quickly the community pulled together and were #backinbusiness.  The Salty Mermaid Oceanfront Hotel was proud to be able to offer rooms to Florida Power and

Light employees who came in from all over the area and surrounding states to work hours on end restoring power to our cities.  A huge thank you to their diligence and quick response.  And for being our guests at The Salty Mermaid Oceanfront Hotel.  A few of them even took advantage of the Salty Rentals available on the property.  As a result, I taught someone how to ride a scooter for the first time!  Nothing is more fun than cruising up and down Flagler Avenue in the sunshine and salty ocean air!  Ok, maybe doing with an ice cream cone in your hand.



East Coast Paddle Board Tour

It feels good to be getting back to normal.  Most other businesses seem to be doing the same.  Which means our quaint little beach town is getting busy again.  I’m always amazed at the new and exciting things to do in New Smyrna Beach.  As a local, I usually meet my friends for a matcha green tea at Third Wave Cafe or head over the North Causeway bridge for a Vinyasa class at All Yoga Studio.  But I recently took a Stand Up Paddle Board Tour with East Coast Paddles.  They will pick you up in their custom built pontoon boat rigged for paddle boarding.  The pontoon boat allows East Coast Paddle licensed captains to transport paddlers up-wind and up-current to then be dropped off.  The paddlers are then guided back down-wind and down-current for an unforgettable paddle board experience.  I still get excited and squeal like a kid when I see dolphins in the water!  Not only was th
e water gorgeous, but the wildlife was amazing and the paddling wasn’t as hard as I thought it was gonna be.  My next challenge:  Stand Up Paddle Yoga!  Somehow I feel like I may end up doing more swimming than yoga!  For more info or to book a tour see the websites below:


If it’s fun things to do in New Smyrna Beach your looking for, the Salty Mermaid Oceanfront

Relax at Salty Mermaid Oceanfront Hotel

Relax at Salty Mermaid Oceanfront Hotel

Hotel and Salty Rentals is a great place to start.  They have helpful suggestions in the office, complimentary guides to attractions around town, and make the perfect spot to host your own fun!  Contact the office for more information on throwing an event at The Salty Mermaid Hotel.


After all the debris clean up from the hurricane and trying new fun things to do in New Smyrna, it’s time for a little R & R.  I for one am looking forward to kicking back in a lounge chair on the back lawn of the Salty Mermaid Hotel and enjoying the Oceanfront View!  Possibly (most likely) with a glass of wine!

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